Top Digital Experience Goals For 2017 [CHART]

Chart: Top Digital Experience Goals for 2017

Marketers are looking for their digital experiences in the coming year to be more comprehensive and connected and for them to tie the entire journey across both physical and digital engagements, according to a new report from the CMO Council and IBM. Study results suggest that integration of digital and physical experiences remains limited.

Indeed, just 6% of the 198 marketers surveyed for the report said that their physical and digital experiences are fully integrated and aligned, with this outweighed by the 8% who said they haven’t even started the process of even attempting to integrate them. Most respondents (49% overall) said that alignment is selective, with some ties made and others remaining disconnected.

While few respondents said that a shift to digital experiences has led to silos across the organization that segment traditional, in-person and digital experiences, it’s also telling that the top priority for digital experiences in the coming year is to better connect campaigns into a comprehensive, connected experience that drives engagement throughout the engagement lifecycle. Read the rest at