How People Find Their Favorite TV Shows

Chart: How People Find Their Favorite TV Shows

Online players are catching up with traditional TV as the main sources of consumers’ favorite TV shows, indicating that online video services’ investments in original programming are paying off, per results from a Hub Entertainment Research study. In fact, almost 7 in 10 subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) subscribers say that original programming makes them more likely to keep their subscription

Among TV viewers who started watching their favorite show within the past year, 53% watch it on a set-top box, while 40% do so using online sources. Just 2 years ago, respondents were twice as likely to watch their favorite show using a set-top box (64%) than an online TV source (31%).

Live TV remains the single most common place to watch viewers’ new favorite shows, with 34% saying that’s their viewing source. By comparison, 15% watch their favorite show on DVR, and 3% using video-on-demand. Read the rest at