Why American Mothers Love Their Brands [CHART]

Chart: Why American Mothers Love Their Brands

There are quite a few reasons why US mothers might love a brand—and why they stay loyal to one—August 2016 research uncovered. For most, it’s all about quality and consistency.

Indeed, among the 48.3% of respondents who are loyal to a product brand, 58.2% said that the main reason they love a brand is because of these qualities, according to a survey from Collective Bias, an influencer marketing company focused on retail.

Roughly one in five US mother internet users said they love a brand most because they’re getting a good value for their money. Nostalgia was also a factor. Some 2.3% of respondents said they loved a brand because it brings back fond memories. Advertising, which brands spend a lot on, was not much of an influence. Just 1.4% of US mother internet users said it was the primary thing making them loyal. Read the rest at eMarketer.