Chief Digital Officer's Ideal Experience [CHART]

Chart: Chief Digital Officer Experience

One key area of focus for many organizations’ digital transformation efforts is picking the right individual to lead the process. According to a September 2016 survey of business executives worldwide about digital leadership by IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide, the best person for the job is the company’s chief digital officer. However, respondents to IIC Partners’ survey were of two minds about the ideal background of a CDO: 45% said a CDO should have a technology background, while 43% thought that role should be filled by someone with a marketing background.

These results add further insight to an earlier survey by the Harvard Business Review examining which executives were assigned to lead efforts to build a vision for their companies’ digital technologies. In Harvard’s survey, more than 50% of companies studied had designated their chief technology officer to spearhead such efforts. Read the rest at eMarketer.