Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence [CHART]

Chart: Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI), in its most widely understood definition, involves the ability of machines to emulate human thinking, reasoning and decision-making. Though AI continues to develop and become more sophisticated, internet users worldwide are seeing benefits of the technology, like its ability to complete dangerous tasks, or even the companionship it provides.

Weber Shandwick and KRC Research polled 2,100 adult internet users in Brazil, Canada, China, the UK and the US. The benefits of AI mentioned range widely, but generally, respondents believe the technology can help solve a lot of problems, as well as assist them with any decisions they need to make—ultimately it’s convenient.

Some 69% of internet users said that one of the perceived benefits of AI was that it gives them time to pursue other activities, and almost as many respondents said AI can deliver services that provide greater ease and convenience.

Furthermore, internet users can see the benefits AI can bring to the economy, as well as to energy and natural resources. Read the rest at eMarketer.