Top B2C Persona Development Techniques [CHART]

Chart: Top B2C Persona Development Techniques

Roughly 7 in 10 B2C content marketers agree that they frequently consider how their content impacts the overall experience a person has with their organization (71%) and that they focus on creating content for their audience versus their brand (69%). With that in mind, it’s interesting to see the techniques these marketers are using to learn about and reach their audiences, according to the latest report [PDF] from the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs.

Based on a survey of 480 North American marketers who primarily sell to consumers (B2C) or to both consumers and businesses (B2C and B2B), the report indicates that the most popular way to learn about target audiences is through keywords research (59%). A majority also use social listening (54%) and website analysis (54%), with customer feedback/panels (50%) and competitive analysis (49%) rounding out the top 5 techniques.

Comparatively speaking, there seems to be less interest in methods such as database analysis (35%), quantitative (33%) or qualitative (30%) primary research, among others. Read the rest at