Biggest Email Marketing Challenges [CHART]

Chart: Top Email Marketing Challenges

Research released earlier this year suggested that improving email list quality is a bigger goal that increasing list size. But a new study from Clutch suggests that while email remains hugely popular with consumers, email marketers are having a tough time growing their audiences.

Clutch surveyed 303 email marketers (69% B2C) from companies with at least 100 employees, asking them to identify which of several challenges are among their top 3 issues. While none stood out far above the rest, the most commonly-cited primary challenge was subscriber list growth. Moreover, tallying up incidences of challenges being placed in the top 3 resulted in subscriber list growth ranked second overall among all challenges, behind only targeting and segmentation.

While list segmentation is considered very effective for increasing engagement rates, it is one of the more difficult tactics available, per survey research from Ascend2. The Clutch analysts note that list segmentation and targeting is difficult as it depends on data collection and processing; study results indicate that contact data quality is the biggest obstacle to email marketing success today. Read the rest at