Video Emails [CHART]

Chart: Video Emails

Digital video has been among the fastest-growing ad formats for the past several years, and digital video viewing has only become more popular among consumers. It’s unsurprising, then, to see email marketers getting on board with video. According to research, they tend to rely on animated GIFs to get their messages moving.

Liveclicker, which provides both video commerce solutions for retailers as well as email services, analyzed 2,500 campaigns sent by its clients in the year leading up to June 2016.

The most common way for email marketers to include video in email messages was by sending animated GIFs: 46% of the campaigns studied used silent animations to embed video content. But almost as many offered full-screen video (44%), including 33% of campaigns that required two clicks for playback. Only 11% had full-screen video with playback available after just one click. And only 8% placed the video inline in the email. Meanwhile, Liveclicker’s analysis also found that 2% of the tracked emails displayed a static thumbnail from a video. Read the rest at eMarketer.