Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality [CHART]

Chart: Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

US developers at companies in the virtual reality (VR) space or working on VR products are interestingly more enthusiastic about the long-term future of augmented reality (AR) than about VR, according to August 2016 research.

Product design company Yeti surveyed product developers in a variety of roles at companies including VR startups as well as firms across industries beginning to dip a toe into the VR space. Most were familiar with the VR development process, but about a quarter did not have VR developers on staff—and among those who did, most had only a couple, reflecting both the nascent state of the technology as well as the likelihood of outsourcing development.

Among this group, more than half said they were more optimistic about the future of AR than VR. A third said VR had better prospects. Read the rest at eMarketer.