Creativity Is The Most Important Skill, According To Senior Marketers

Chart: Top Skills Important To Senior Marketers

There’s no doubt that marketing has become a much more data- and tech-driven practice. But creativity remains one of the most important skills among successful senior marketers in the US and Western Europe, according to May 2016 research from analytics tech provider DataXu, Morar Consulting and WithPR. With AI technologies becoming more accessible, marketers have new opportunities to leverage them in creative ways. Read the rest at eMarketer.

Much of today’s hype around artificial intelligence (AI) is concentrated in a few areas: enabling futuristic applications like self-driving cars, helping conversational interfaces like chatbots come to life, and making business more efficient and predictable. But in this episode of “Behind The Numbers,” eMarketer focuses on how AI is being used to spur creativity in areas like art, music and storytelling.