Millennials Who Use Ad Blockers [CHART]

Chart: Millennials Who Use Ad Blockers

Millennials may be just as annoyed by ads that block content as other people are, and many are turning to ad blockers to help combat that. According to July 2016 research, two out of three US millennials use an ad blocker on a desktop or mobile device.

Anatomy Media, a creative advertising agency specializing in entertainment marketing, surveyed 2,700 US adults ages 18 to 24. Overall, the study found that most US millennials internet users have an ad blocker on at least one device. Nearly half of respondents (46%) said they use one on their desktop, and 31% said they have one on their mobile device. Typically, respondents blocked ads on just one of these devices, but 14% were vigilant about ad blocking on computers as well as phones. Read the rest at eMarketer.