Barriers To Live Online Video Viewing [CHART]

Chart: Barriers Live Online Video Viewing

Legacy TV doesn’t only need to contend with the rapid ascent of subscription video-on-demand services, it also needs to face a new challenger: live video online. Already, live video is getting a position reception from consumers and an enthusiastic outlook from advertisers. Now, new research from Yahoo delves into what it calls the “live video opportunity.”

The study – which is based on qualitative and quantitative research – finds that live video online is preferred to live TV due to the mobility it affords, the greater positive emotions it stirs, and the increased multitasking activity that it inspires. (Although to be fair, multitasking is often considered a negative for TV advertisers.)

As for advertising, it tends to fit better with the content in live online video than in on-demand content, per the report, delivering a greater halo effect across favorability, purchase likelihood and aided awareness KPIs. Read the rest at