Challenges To Content Marketing Success [CHART]

Chart: Challenges To Content Marketing Success

Native content is content created by marketers and publishers specifically for social media, where it will appear—organically—perfectly aligned with other content on that social platform. Thanks to internet users’ increasing focus on social media, and social media platforms’ increasing focus on a seamless experience for users, many publishers believe they must create native content to better encourage engagement and distribution on these platforms.

The largest share of respondents (37%) to news story engagement tracking firm NewsWhip’s survey said creating quality content was the top obstacle to their success with native content.

But respondents were split—though quality of content was the most often cited issue, it was not an overwhelming winner. Not far behind, 27% of respondents pointed to not having enough resources, and 23% noted the inadequate return on investment (ROI) of native content. Read the rest at eMarketer.