Social Media Influence On TV Viewing Decisions [CHART]

Chart: Social Media Influence on TV Viewing Decisions

Slightly more than 4 in 10 adults in the US and Canada profess to choosing a TV show or movie at least sometimes because of the buzz it’s getting on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. That result comes courtesy of the latest quarterly Video Trends report from Digitalsmiths, and it marks social’s biggest influence in at least a year.

To be fair, social’s impact on TV viewing decisions has grown modestly at best of late: in the year-earlier period (Q2 2015), a similar 38% of adults surveyed reported having watched a show due to social buzz. Still, there’s been an undeniable rise in social’s influence over the years in these Digitalsmiths studies: in Q1 2013, for example, fewer than half the proportion of respondents (18.6%) claimed to have ever made a viewing choice based on social buzz. Read the rest at