Attitudes Toward Online Advertising Formats By Generation [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new global study by Kantar Millward Brown illustrates the attitudes Generation Xers, Millennials and the youngest generation have toward various advertising formats. The study included 39 countries and 23,907 interviews, so, while it represents a massive data set, it’s definition of generations is somewhat problematic.

It defines Gen Xers as being born between 1967 and 1981 (while most overyone else defines Xers as being born between 1961 or 1964 to 1981); it defines the Millennial generation as spanning 14 years, whereas 20 years is the generally accepted timespan for a generation. See the rest at MarketingLand.

That said, it remains illuminating none the less.

Interesting that both Gen Xers and the youngest generation hate mobile pop-up ads. The newest generation also has little tolerance for auto-play formats, which will hopefully server to kill off one of the most obnoxious forms of online ads.

Attitudes Toward Online Advertising Formats by Generation