Factors For Trust In Thought Leadership [CHART]

Chart: Factors For Trust In Thought Leadership

Three in 5 executives around the world are at the point where they’re at least sometimes confused or overwhelmed by the amount of content they encounter, finds the Economist Group in new research. But the vast majority of marketers are continuing full steam ahead with the amount of content they’re planning to produce.

Faced with increasing time spent consuming thought leadership content – a daily affair for 40% of the C-suite – executives are having to become more selective about what they consume today. The unending array of content also means that much of goes by the wayside: executives estimate that they engage with only about one-quarter of the thought leadership content that they see every day. The inverse relationship between content volume and engagement was quantified earlier by TrackMaven.

On a positive note, most executives responding to the Economist Group survey said that the quality of content produced by companies and brands has improved over the past year. But only a minority could say that content’s value or relevance had grown. And the ever-growing volume of content out there makes it more difficult for content to break through, according to almost two-thirds of the executives who make up its audience. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.com.