American Cultural Divide: 3 TV Shows' Popularity By Geography [MAPS]

The New York Times has analyzed Facebook data on the demographics of Americans who like 50 different television shows by way of illustrating America’s cultural divide. The paper explains:

When we looked at how many active Facebook users in a given ZIP code “liked” certain TV shows, we found that the 50 most-liked shows clustered into three groups with distinct geographic distributions. Together they reveal a national culture split among three regions: cities and their suburbs; rural areas; and what we’re calling the extended Black Belt — a swath that extends from the Mississippi River along the Eastern Seaboard up to Washington, but also including city centers and other places with large nonwhite populations.

Here are the maps for three popular television programs that illustrate America’s cultural divide. The darker shade of purple means more fans while the lighter shade of purple indicates fewer fans. See the other maps at the New York Times.

Where The Duck Dynasty Is Most Popular In The US

Map: Duck Dynasty Popularity In US

Where Modern Family Is Most Popular In The US

Map: Modern Family Popularity In US

Where Empire Is Most Popular In The US

Map: Empire Popularity In US