Most In-Demand Analytics Skills [CHART]

Chart: Most In-Demand Analytics Skills

Data analytics is perceived to be the most difficult skill to find when building marketing teams, per a recent survey of marketing leaders across industries. So which specific analytics skills are the most sought after? A new report from Econsultancy and Lynchpin asked just that of more than 350 company marketers.

Reporting skills are the most in-demand at organizations, per respondents, 77% of whom said they are in “high demand.” At least 6 in 10 also pointed to skills including the use of digital analytics tools (70%), conversion rate optimization (66%) and project management (60%).

Interestingly, while reporting skills are in the highest demand, they represent the area where the fewest company marketers identified a skills gap. Instead, statistical modeling (49% ranking as a top-3 gap), business intelligence tools use (44%), conversation rate optimization (39%) and digital analytics tools use (38%) are the areas where respondents see the biggest gaps. Read the rest at