Social Media Post Content by Age [TABLE]

Table: Social Media Post Content by Age

More than 3 in 4 American adults engage in social media in some way, finds a report from The Harris Poll. The study indicates that of those engaged in social media, passive reacting or posts and content is the most common form of engagement, with far fewer mostly creating and posting original content. Still, users typically post about some areas more than others.

Most commonly, adults post about their families, with about 1 in 3 saying they typically do so. Next up is humorous content such as memes, quizzes, lists and videos, with 3 in 10 typically posting such content. That fits with previous research indicating that humor is a key motivator of social sharing behavior.

Meanwhile, adults are about as likely to post about pets (17%) as they are about kids, travel and food (each at 18%). Even in the run-up to the election, few (11%) profess to typically posting about politics, though. Read the rest at