Marketers Digital Skills Gaps [CHART]

Chart - Marketers Digital Skills Gaps

The vast majority (84%) of marketers believe that the level of complexity faced by marketing professionals over the next 5 years will be high (55%) or very high (29%), per results from the latest iteration of the SoDA Report conducted with Forrester. While respondents tend to see more complexity on the horizon as they did in last year’s report, they also feel more prepared.

Indeed, this year, 56% said they are “quite” or “very” prepared to cope with the level of complexity they anticipate facing, up from 30% last year.

However, there remain some skills gaps in digital marketing. One of the largest gaps appears to be for user experience (UX), with more than 6 in 10 identifying this as a major (22%) or minor (39%) gap, against fewer than one-third (32%) saying they have no talent tap in this area. Agencies have long pointed to UX as a problem for client marketers in the SoDA surveys. Read the rest at