Use Of Ad Blockers [CHART]

Advertisers (and publishers) are placing more and more ads on the web. But with this buildup comes the consequence of burdening consumers. According to July 2016 research, more than one-quarter of US internet users claim they have used an ad blocker on their desktop or laptop.

In June 2016, Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) surveyed 1,292 US internet users ages 18 and older about their experience with ad blockers.

According to the data, the majority (37%) of respondents said they do not use an ad blocker and don’t plan to in the next six months. But, in contrast, another 26% said they do have an ad blocker on their desktop or laptop. And perhaps more interesting, 17% said while they did not have an ad blocker when polled, they plan to in the next few months.

According to eMarketer estimates, ad blocker adoption is on a significant uptick. Users of ad blockers in the US will grow by double digits this year (34.4%) and next (24.0%). Read the rest at eMarketer.