Share Of Social Ad Revenue By Company [CHART]

Share Of Social Ad Revenue By Company

Facebook stands tall as the largest recipient of social media advertising dollars in the world—by a long shot. eMarketer estimates that the company, which will report earnings this week, will take in more than two-thirds of social media ad revenues around the globe this year.

“Facebook is seeing momentum across its ad business,” said eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson. “On the branding side, video ads are becoming more and more popular for marketers whose objective is broad awareness. And products like Dynamic Ads, which let advertisers upload their product catalog to Facebook and then deliver relevant targeted ads, are proving highly effective for marketers that want to drive lower-funnel activities, such as purchases.”

eMarketer estimates that Facebook will take in $22.37 billion in net ad revenues this year, up from $17.08 billion in 2015. Most of those revenues—$12.08 billion this year—will come from outside the US. Read the rest at eMarketer.