Devices Millennials Use To Do Political Research [CHART]

Most registered voters leverage desktop or laptop PCs when researching a politician or political issue, May 2016 research found. However, millennials are more likely than their older counterparts to use their tablets, connected TVs—and especially their smartphones—to conduct political research.

Tremor Video and Cygnal surveyed 1,500 US registered voters and compared the different devices they use to conduct political research. According to the survey, more total register voters (66%) said they research a politician or political issue via their desktop or laptop than millennials (56%).

But more millennials use other devices like smartphones, tablets and connected TVs to conduct political research, compared to total registered voters. For example, millennials were almost twice as likely as the average to say they used their smartphone to research a politician or political issue.

Additionally, 15% of millennials used a connected TV to conduct political research, which was 50% higher than the rate for all registered voters. Read the rest at eMarketer.