Internet Use By Race/Ethnicity, 2014-2020 [TABLE]

Internet Use By Race & Ethnicity - 2014-2020 [TABLE]

Hispanics are often noted for their heavy digital activity, mainly due to high smartphone engagement, but this characteristic isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

As explored in a new eMarketer report, “US Hispanics 2016: Who They Are, What They’re Doing on Digital and Ad Spending to Reach Them,” US Hispanics are actually a less-than-average digital bunch. eMarketer estimates 82.0% of the US population will access the internet regularly in 2016, but that figure will reach 76.5% for US Hispanics. The gap will shrink over our forecast period, but it will persist through at least 2020.

eMarketer’s inclusion of Hispanic children and teens, who are less likely to be internet users and who will account for about one in three US Hispanics overall in 2016—vs. 22.7% for the total US population—does help skew penetration downward for the population as a whole. Read the rest at eMarketer.