How People Find News About Presidential Candidates [CHART]

Much of the referral traffic to news articles about US presidential candidates is internal, according to data analyzed by web analytics and content optimization software provider Indeed, 40% of traffic was from users who arrived at a post by clicking a link from somewhere else on the publisher’s site. analyzed referral traffic to news articles by digital publishers around the world about US presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, John Kasich and Ted Cruz between November 2015 and May 2016. The largest portion of referrals were internal, and no other source came close.

About one in five article views were direct—which could include dark social shares or clicks from other sources without tracking available. The No. 3 source of traffic was social media, which provided 15% of referral traffic to stories about the five major candidates for the Democratic and Republican Party nominations for president.

Just 10% of traffic, meanwhile, came from search, and a tiny 2% was sponsored. Read the rest at eMarketer.