Top Purposes Of Employee Advocacy Programs [CHART]

Top Purposes Of Employee Advocacy Programs [CHART]Employee advocacy is one of the fastest growing social business programs, per a report last year from the Altimeter Group. A new study from Altimeter delves further into social media employee advocacy, finding that for brands, increasing awareness and brand health are the top business drivers for investing in such a program.

Among the 164 respondents to the study, each of whom are from companies with more than 250 employees, the top business drivers cited for investing in an employee advocacy program were:

  • Increasing the reach of messages in social networks (awareness) – 54%;
  • Driving increased understanding and brand health of the organization – 47%;
  • Engaging employees more deeply in the company mission and their work – 43%; and
  • Providing customers a better experience with the brand – 43%.

Some of those drivers are likely to be met with more success than others, per results from the report, which also surveyed more than 2,000 consumers. Read the rest at