US Political Ad Spending By Format, 2008-2016 [TABLE]

While TV is still the dominant destination for political ad spend, spending on digital channels, is increasing the fastest year over year. In fact, US political ad spending on digital is estimated to nearly quadruple compared to 2014, according to research.

According to estimates from Nomura Securities, broadcast TV makes up the largest share of US political ad spending. In 2016, the channel is estimated to account for $6.06 billion of political ad spending or 59.4% of the total—a slight decrease in percentage compared to 2014. But when compared to 2012, the last presidential election year, TV’s loss is larger, at 4.6 percentage points. And compared to 2008, the last time there was a presidential election without an incumbent, broadcast TV’s share of political ad spending was nearly 10 points higher than it will be this year.

Cable TV, which makes up the second-largest share, is estimated to account for $1.10 billion this year or 10.8% of total US political ad spend. Read the rest at eMarketer.