Top Activities Of Podcast Listeners [TABLE]

[kkstarratings]Nielsen Scarborough found that podcasting consumption is on the rise with the number of adults 18 and older listening to a podcast during the past month doubling over the previous five years!

The study found that podcast listeners are equally male and female, with the majority (70%) being between the ages of 18-44. They are 39% more likely to be single, 44% more likely to be a college graduate and 33% more likely to be employed in a white collar occupation. With an average household income of $83,700, podcast listeners exceed the national average by about $12,000.

The analysis found that podcast listeners are adventurous, and they love the great outdoors. Hiking-, backpacking- and camping-related content will grab their attention, with one in four listeners having engaged in these activities during the past year. Bicycling and boating content will also resonate, as podcast listeners are 49% more likely to have bicycled and 22% more likely to have gone boating. Read the rest at Nielsen.