US Mothers' Media Consumption, 2010-2015 [CHART]

Online usage is the norm among mothers. eMarketer estimates that more than nine in 10 mothers with children under 18 in the household are internet users.

Mothers spend more time online than the population in general, according to Edison Research’s “Moms and Media 2015” report, based on January 2015 polling. Mothers averaged 3 hours 7 minutes using the internet during the 24 hours before being queried, vs. 2 hours 51 minutes for total respondents.

Mothers’ attitudes reflect this tendency to linger online. In year-long Simmons Research polling concluded in September 2015, mothers were more likely than female consumers in general (53.9% vs. 44.3%) to agree with the statement: “It’s important for me to have internet access when I am on the go.” They were also more likely (48.5% vs. 42.8%) to say they “rely on the internet to communicate with friends and family.” In Edison Research’s study, the internet led TV by an almost 2-to-1 margin (59% vs. 30%) when mothers cited the medium “most essential” to them. Read the rest at eMarketer.