Millennials Are Most Influenced Generation By Political Ads Of All Stripes [TABLE]

Television is the most effective political ad format influencing voting behavior across all generations, according to a January 2016 survey. Print ads also influence behavior.

Research from Kelly Scott Madison (KSM) and ORC International revealed that 38% of millennials said that TV ads were very or extremely effective in influencing their voting behavior. A quarter of Gen Xers and 19% of baby boomers agreed.

A separate September 2015 survey from YuMe was also in line with KSM and ORC International’s findings. YuMe research found that while it seems TV is the best channel to get political messaging to US internet users, there’s one exception to that rule—actual TV ads, a traditional and long-standing platform for political advertising. Some 42% of US internet users said that channel was most effective.
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