Millennials' Top Life Goals By Financial Health

Millennials' Top Life Goals By Financial Health [CHART]

Starting a family or spending time with family ranks as the most important of 6 life goals for a leading 29% of young Americans aged 22-35, closely followed by being happy, which is the top goal for 28% of Americans of this age, according to a study [PDF] from Navient. Being debt-free (24%) is also a much greater goal than home ownership or career advancement, per the survey, though the financial health of the respondent appears to have an impact on the ranking of these goals.

The study was based on a survey, conducted by Ipsos, of 3,006 young Americans aged 22-35. Navient constructed a “financial health index” based on 15 objective and behavioral indicators, then segmented the sample into three groups of financial health based on those index scores. One in 5 respondents were classified as being in “excellent” financial health, with a majority 63% falling in the “good” category and the remaining 17% determined to be in “poor” financial health. Read the rest at MarketingCharts.