Original Scripted TV Series By Provider, 2009-2015

Original Scripted TV Series By Provider, 2009-2015 [TABLE]

The number of original scripted TV shows has grown over the years, not only on basic cable, but also on services like Hulu and Netflix, which have become video streaming destinations because of their original content.

Broadcast television, including PBS, also saw a steady increase in original content over the years. Last year, there were 147 original scripted shows, an increase from the 122 that were on in 2009.

FX Networks, as cited by Variety, looked at the progression of US original scripted TV series over the years. Unsurprisingly, basic cable—including DirecTV—grew the most over the period, and will most likely continue to as networks like Fox and ABC unveil new shows at the annual upfronts. For example, in 2009, there were 66 original scripted TV shows on basic cable and in 2015 there were 181. Read the rest at eMarketer.