Types Of B2B Website Features

Types Of B2B Website Features [CHART]

Business-to-business (B2B) companies may be eliminating some of the need for a sales force by offering different functionalities—from tiered pricing to cross-sells and upsells—to customers on their website. Newsletter sign-ups are the top features, according to 2015 research.

Ecommerce solutions provider Gorilla Group, revealed that more than three-quarters of US B2B companies said they offered newsletter sign-up promotions on their website. Tiered pricing was another top feature among B2B companies, 74.0% of respondents said they offered it on their site.

Other features, which are more sales job functionalities as opposed to website features, were also high on the list. For example, two-thirds of B2B companies said that quick order or re-order functionality was a feature on their website. Additionally, almost half of respondents said they had cross-sell and upsell functionality on their site. Read the rest at eMarketer.