Top Reasons People Abandon Online Videos

Top Reasons People Abandon Online Videos [CHART]

Advertising revenues are key to the existence of much digital video content. Still, if there are too many ads playing, users will stop watching the video altogether, according to December 2015 research.

A survey from Limelight Networks revealed that there are many reasons why internet users in Australia, Canada, the UK and the US abandon digital videos. Advertising was one of the main ones. For example, 61.8% of respondents said that if there were too many ads during the video, they would stop watching.

Similarly, 26.7% of internet users said that if there was an ad before the video and they couldn’t skip it, then they would abandon that video. Even skippable pre-rolls were a turnoff: 16.4% of respondents said they would abandon any videos with ads running first. Read the rest at eMarketer.