How Frequently iPhone Users Check Their Phones By Demographic [TABLE]

Marketing is becoming more and more digital. And digital marketing is becoming more and more mobile as companies note the prominence of smartphones in consumers’ lives. Trouble is, the US baby boomer generation—still a large cohort, and with an outsized portion of total purchasing power—has a far-below-average rate of smartphone adoption. A new eMarketer report, “Running the Risk of Leaving US Boomers Behind: Marketers’ Emphasis on Mobile Could Isolate This Not-So-Mobile Generation,” looks at what marketers might be missing.

Ownership of phones is just part of the story. One must also look at how smartphone boomers use the devices. At the most basic level, boomers simply do not use smartphones as often as younger people do.

Looking specifically at iPhone users, Kantar Media found this year that older users check the device much less often than younger users. For many millennials, a day without their smartphone would be an ordeal. Fewer boomers feel that way. Read the rest at eMarketer.