Top Disruptions Marketers See To Their Companies, August 2015 [CHART]

When the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), in collaboration with McKinsey and Co. and GfK, asked marketers about how they would respond to profound changes in the business landscape, a range of responses all tying back to data came out on top. The greatest share, 83%, believed that it would be very important for marketers to know how to make data-informed decisions to respond to such disruptions to their jobs.

Based on the survey findings, there will be no shortage of disruptions spurring the need for these data and analytics capabilities. From the pace of new technology, to the fragmentation of marketing, to high expectations from consumers, large majorities of respondents saw a number of trends that would shake up their businesses at least “somewhat.”

Equal numbers of respondents believed that building current capabilities and developing new models and strategies (62% each) would help them deal with these challenges. Read the rest at eMarketer.