Social Advertising Effectiveness For Driving ROI, September 2015 [CHART]
Paid advertising on social media properties is delivering a solid return on investment, according to marketers. In eMarketer’s new report, “Social Advertising Effectiveness Scorecard: Industry Execs Grade the Leading Platforms,” executives gave paid social media advertising an average grade of B. When it comes to ROI, Facebook and Pinterest received the highest grades, with Facebook earning a B+ and Pinterest earning a B.
eMarketer asked executives from 29 companies to grade the “Big Three” social properties—Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter—and the “Emerging Three”—Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat—in a range of categories, including creative capabilities, ad targeting, measurement and ROI. Although paid social media advertising overall earned an average grade of B, executives said there was still work to be done in several areas. Measurement was one such area; executives told eMarketer that their ability to gauge effectiveness has improved, but they want even better tools to show the impact of social media advertising on their bottom line. Read the rest at eMarketer.