Types Of Visual Content Marketers Are Most Likely To Use, September 2015 [CHART]

The visual web is many things to many people—and marketers. According to September 2015 polling, most US brand marketers can’t put just one definition to the term: It includes design, advertising and even anthropological phenomena. What is clear is that it’s important.

Custom video and photography were the top types of visual content that respondents planned to integrate into marketing programs over the next six months to one year.

These visual elements are most likely to show up in mobile and social media, which brand marketers rated the two best-suited marketing channels for visuals such as images and video.

Asked specifically about social media, respondents said Instagram was the service most closely associated with the visual web. At 92.4% of respondents, Instagram was about 10 percentage points ahead of second-place Pinterest. Facebook, at 58.1%, and Vine, at 56.2%, were far behind, and less than half of respondents (47.6%) named Snapchat. Read the rest at eMarketer.