Types Of Purchases Made With Apple Pay, August 2015 [CHART]

Mobile payments are slow to catch on among the general population, but early adopters of the Apple Watch are also rapidly adopting Apple Pay, research suggests. Among those who are using Apple Pay, they report it’s making a difference in their everyday life.

In August 2015 polling by Wristly, 80% of Apple Watch owners were using Apple Pay. That’s up to five times the rate of Apple Pay usage among iPhone owners more broadly—and a quarter of Wristly respondents who had used Apple Pay said they had tried it for the first time on their Apple Watch.

Those who were using Apple Pay were most likely to be incorporating the service into their everyday lives. Four in five said they used it for everyday shopping activities, like going to the grocery store. And three in five said they used it for common services like their morning coffee. Read the rest at eMarketer.