B2B Marketing Tactics & Technologies Expected To Deliver ROI, July 2015 [CHART]

Technologies that facilitate content marketing will continue to be the most important marketing technology for US B2B marketers, according to a September 2015 Spear Marketing Group survey. But will other currently valued marketing technologies hold relevance, or are new categories set to grow in importance?

The same two technologies B2B marketers rated as most important now are also among the biggest winners in terms of ROI. While marketing automation leads the way with 58% of respondents expecting it to deliver ROI, content marketing (51%) and SEO (36%) are also depended upon to get results.

On the other hand, CRM’s relatively low ROI expectations (23%) when compared to its overall marketing technology importance according to US B2B marketers suggests that, while ROI is obviously important to marketers, it’s not the whole story. Read the rest at eMarketer.