Awareness Of Internet Of Things By IoT Decision-Makers, August 2015 [CHART]

The internet of things (IoT) continues to grow, connecting more devices to each other to help run more of everyday life, but there’s still a massive awareness gap. Even among the very people who will be making big decisions about the future of the IoT, many do not know much about it. Research suggests retailers have made the most progress in this area.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) surveyed business and IT decision-makers worldwide about the IoT. In most industries, fewer than half of respondents said they were familiar with it. Only manufacturing and retail bucked this trend, with retail taking the lead by 3 percentage points.

Retail has come out ahead in other research related to the IoT as well. Retailers have adopted IoT technologies at above-average rates for both customer-facing and back-end applications. Manufacturers have also been ahead of the curve when it comes to behind-the-scenes uses for the IoT. Read the rest at eMarketer.