Mothers' Degree Of Worry Over Social Media Image, June 2015 [CHART]

Women, including mothers, have been among the most active demographic groups on social media for some time, and marketers quickly recognized this. But many mothers feel stressed about their presence in the very places marketers are trying to reach them.

eMarketer estimates that nearly 30 million women in the US will children under 18 in the home use social networks at least monthly this year. That amounts to 85.0% of the mothers who use the internet at all, as well as one in five adult social network users.

Nearly a third of US mother internet users surveyed in June by BabyCenter reported worrying about having a positive image on social media at least occasionally. BabyCenter polled a subset of mother social network users according to eMarketer’s definition—only those with kids ages 8 and under. Read the rest at eMarketer.