Median Household Income, 1974-2014 [CHART]

Median Household Income, 1974-2014 [CHART]

The median household income in the US was $53,657 last year, not statistically significant different in real terms from the 2013 estimate, according to recent data [PDF] released by the US Census Bureau based on official national findings from the Current Population Survey. Real median household income (in 2014 dollars) has grown by about 10% over the past 30 years (from $48,664 in 1984), and has failed to recover from its peak of $57,843 in 1999.

The data provides some interesting breakouts based on age and ethnicity.

According to the Census Bureau’s age breakdown, real median household income (HHI) is:

  • Highest among 45-54-year-old householders ($70,832 last year); followed by
  • 35-44-year-old householders ($66,693);
  • 55-64-year-old householders ($60,580);
  • 25-34-year-old householders ($54,243);
  • Householders aged 65 and up ($36,895); and
  • 15-24-year-old householders ($34,605).

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