Mascots In Pharmaceutical Commercials

There is an absolutely ridiculous trend in pharmaceutical marketing where the drug being marketed is personified in the form of a mascot that accompanies the subjects of the commercial throughout the ad. It is a weird and lazy formula.

I’m highly skeptical about its effectiveness because the ads have the effect of focusing the attention on the strange mascot at the expense of brand recognition and retention. I discussed this on Episode 119 of the Beyond Social Media Show podcast.

3 Pharmaceutical Commercials That Use Mascots

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Myrbetriq Commercial Starring Pink Bladder

Myrbetriq apparently has something to do with peeing, but I wouldn’t really know because I’m too focused on the weird-ass pink bladder that steals the show.

Belsomra Commercial Starring Creepy Furry Letters

I guess I get it that Belsomra has something to do with sleeping because its mascots spell out S-L-E-E-P and W-A-K-E but do you seriously expect me to trust a drug that stars creepy furry letters in its commercial?

Tanzeum Commercial Starring Purple Pill Bottle

The Tanzeum commercial says at the outset that the drug deals with diabetes but the message is lost by the end of the commercial as we watch in bizarre fascination as a big purple pill bottle hangs out in the doctor’s office, lounges on the golf course, supervises a home improvement project, takes in a yoga class, exercises on a treadmill, and lurks along the beach. Purple pill bottle does what, now?