Type Of Personalization That Will Prevent Unsubscribing, May 2015 [CHART]
Taking email recipients’ frequency and personalization preferences into account is imperative for subscriber retention, based on recent research.

When a May 2015 study by Flagship Research for BlueHornet asked US email users who had decided to unsubscribe from marketing emails what actions companies could take to prevent them from doing so, 40.6% of respondents said they wanted the option to receive emails less frequently. Also related to frequency was the fact that 14.1% wanted to “snooze” their subscriptions.

Further responses also emphasized the value of offering personalized experiences in order to keep subscribers. The majority of respondents also cited various actions related to personalization—from having the option to indicate preferences themselves to receiving more personalized content to personalized emails based on past purchases and browsing behavior. Read the rest at eMarketer.