Most Popular Types Of Gaming-Related Video Content, May 2015 [CHART]

As consumers grow accustomed to watching all types of video digitally, gaming video content—online video and live streams related to all things gaming—is seeing the eyeballs and money roll in.

SuperData Research estimated that the gaming video content audience would total 486 million worldwide this year—and soar to 790 million by 2017; in the US, respective figures were forecast to reach 125 million and 181 million. And in a June 2014 study by AYTM Market Research, the majority of US adult internet users had watched videos or live streams of video game content—and nearly one-third did so sometimes (22.7%) or often (9.2%).

Among US internet users polled by SuperData who had viewed gaming-related video content at least once in the past year, trailers were the most common, cited by nearly seven in 10. Humor, walkthroughs and reviews were each popular among the majority as well. Live streams and esports were less common, used more by “hardcore” fans—though this group’s higher spending and engagement means it’s still largely appealing. Read the rest at eMarketer.