B2B Social Media Marketing Challenges, July 2015 [CHART]

B2B Social Media Marketing Challenges, July 2015 [CHART]A majority (53%) of B2B marketers from around the world say that generating actionable insights from social data is a key social marketing challenge faced by their organization, according to a recently-released report from Regalix. In fact, this is the second-leading social media challenge faced by B2B marketers, behind only the ever-present questions about its effectiveness. Of note, far fewer (23%) respondents complained of a lack of tools and techniques to gather relevant social data. This suggests – as have other studies – that issues with data aren’t related to collection but rather the extraction of meaningful insights.

It’s not just B2B marketers having trouble with social data. In a recent survey [PDF] of 272 senior-level marketers at mid-sized and large companies conducted by the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG), respondents were as likely to agree (39.2%) as disagree (37.4%) that “most information available from monitoring social media is not actionable.” Read the rest at MarketingCharts.