Frequency Mother's Feel Judged For Parenting Skills, February 2015 [CHART]
The web is far and away the most critical medium for mothers. In a January 2015 study by Edison Research, 59% of US mothers ranked the internet as the media that was most essential to their life, up from 48% who said the same in 2010. This expansion was at the expense of TV, which saw its share drop from 32% to 30%, and radio (from 15% to 7%); newspapers maintained their miniscule 3%.

But other research by Edison, conducted in February 2015, found that mothers were feeling the heat from one of their favorite digital activities—social media. Nearly seven in 10 US mother social media users felt their parenting decisions were always or sometimes judged by other mothers, while just 10% said they never thought this. Read the rest at eMarketer.