SMB Website Update Frequency, September 2015 [CHART]

SMB Website Update Frequency, September 2015 [CHART]It’s clear that for SMBs, keeping an up-to-date digital presence can be a challenge. Once a site is up, the same survey found, it’s not typically updated very often.

And mobile is a challenge of its own. Though small-business owners are keen on using mobile themselves, Capital One Spark Business found in April 2015 that just 6% of US small businesses had invested in mobile for marketing.

A March survey by Endurance International Group found small businesses agreed that mobile was important for increasing sales and engagement and staying competitive, but there was a long way to go in actually implementing mobile solutions. Half of those surveyed had no mobile presence at all, and among those who did, time and resources were among their biggest strategy challenges. Read the rest at eMarketer.