SMBs With Mobile-Optimized Websites, 2014 vs 2015 [CHART]
Most small and medium-sized businesses based in the US still don’t have a mobile-optimized website, according to research—but the share that does is has grown significantly over the past year.

According to research from RBC Capital Markets conducted in September 2015, 64% of US small and medium-sized businesses had a professional website for their business, and an additional 10% planned to create one. That represented mixed progress since the prior year, when just 60% had a site but 17% planned to create one.

Among the group of SMBs that had or planned to create a website, just 33% had a mobile-optimized site in September 2015. That amounts to 24.4% of the overall respondent base. But a year earlier, mobile sites were even more rare: 26% of SMBs with a website had a site optimized for mobile. Read the rest at eMarketer.